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About Us

Unity in the Community was founded following the murder of George Floyd and the resulting global outcry surrounding systemic and institutional racism, that still exists in society today. Which deeply affects black people’s ability to survive and prosper in the global economy, participate in mainstream society and positively engage on an equal playing field.

Our goal is to provide a respected and credible voice to articulate the needs of every person in black and BAME communities in the UK. We will drive development, create opportunities and influence positive change by acting as an infrastructure body to provide accessible programmes that facilitate long-term and sustainable progress for black and BAME communities.

We aim to build essential resources that benefit all areas of life – education, employment, health, sports and economic development. We work on a local and national level to support community groups while engaging with major strategic partners to develop and deliver key objectives and priorities, for black and BAME communities.

Our objectives are to:

Be a leading organisation that champions positive and essential change for black people, locally and nationally. To do this, we will bring together groups of individuals in our local communities to achieve positive and meaningful social and economic change, by creating opportunity zones for black and BAME communities.

Work closely with strategic partners and businesses to help in resolving local problems and meet the overall diverse needs of the community. We will use our experience to influence the allocation of resources by mainstream bodies, such as local authorities and the private sector, to ensure they effectively address the key issues faced by black and BAME communities.

Ensure local people have better access to high-quality support in key areas of development needs and facilities, to ensure better outcomes. In addition, we will work with young people to provide opportunities and enhance their abilities for meaningful careers, training and employment.

We will work together to enhance community health and well-being, and grow health and well-being participation rates in the black community. In addition, we want to provide a high level, comprehensive, positive intervention programme across the community for young and elders alike, driving positive outcomes for the wider community.

Encourage and promote joint working amongst black-led groups locally to maximize effectiveness, while working with strategic partners to affect change and better outcomes. We’ll also coordinate and create development projects for partnership working, that addresses specific historical issues, that still affect black and BAME communities’ everyday lives.

Ensure the diverse views of the black community as a whole are represented at every level, including those most disadvantaged, in hard to reach communities and ensuring they are part of the overall decision making process, in their individual localities.

Resolving local problems and meet the overall diverse needs of the community

Work With Us

Our services are accessible to all – we offer bespoke packages and rates to suit your budget and ensure you’re at the forefront of driving societal change regarding black and BAME communities.

Every company we work with benefits from:

  • • Your own account manager who will build a relationship with you and get to know your business to create a long-term and sustainable relationship
  • • Access to industry-leading knowledge from our Directors who share more than 50 years’ experience in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • • A platform and facilitators for difficult conversations, encouraging positive outcomes
  • • Tools and insights to future-proof your business, to get excellent results from your workforce
  • • Setting a precedent within your organisation that contributes to wider social change regarding racial diversity
  • • Collaboratively thinking differently, to readdress the imbalance of systemic and institutional racism for a better future for all.

To truly understand how beneficial being part of our unique community can be, we’d love to have a chat with you. Get in touch and start your journey to equality and diversity excellence today!

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