Deborah St. Louis


Deborah was born in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, where her Jamaican mum and Dominican dad met and set up home. When she was a child her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and she did not realise how serious it was. Deborah spent many years in and out of temporary foster care whilst her mum was in hospital for treatment. At the of 10, her and her sibling’s life was turned upside down when her mum was passed away at the age of 34.

Life for Deborah from that point on was a challenge, when she decided to move in with her dad who she did not really know and who was living in Nottingham at that time. Leaving behind everything she knew and all that was familiar to her, family, friends, home, school.

Deborah finally settled and still resides in Nottingham, where she has a built up a good community of friends and support network.

Deborah’s professional career has taken her down many routes as she has sought to find her niche and her purpose in life. Deborah worked in manufacturing as a seamstress, with Marathon, Meridian and Speedo Europe often being called on to be their in-house fitting model. She also worked as an administrator and deputy team leader at Experian and left in 2001 after feeling undervalued and with visible career progression within the company.  Deborah then went on to work in the public sector with the homeless, and those dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, and asylum seekers. Whilst working in the public sector Deborah set up Fashions Finest with her business partner and she became the face of the company and named director.

Through her love of fashion, willingness to push through in difficult situation, closed doors and many rejections along the way. Deborah worked hard to create an inclusive fashion platform that would bring much needed awareness to talented UK and international designers that fall under the raider and are looking for exposure for their brands. Especially those from diverse and minority communities who struggle to be heard or seen.

Because of her dedication and hard work Deborah has established Fashions Finest into a well-known boutique brand and business within the fashion & events industry.

  • 2013 to 2015 backstage manager for the AFWL fashion segments for Africa Centre Summer Festival, and Africa on the square (Trafalgar Square).
  • 2015 – 2018 Mahogany Model Management UK – UK manager
  • 2013 – 2016 Top Model of Colour event manager
  • 2013 to 2017: The Mahogany Bridal show event manager
  • 2017 – 2018 Loose lady on BBC Radio Nottingham


  • Sponsored a young Rwandan woman through her nursing education. Providing accommodation, food, books, and all tuition fees


  • Mentor to young adults in the fashion industry
  • Best Independent Fashion Event Platform 2020 – Greater London Enterprise Awards
    Fashion for Cause ‘Making a Difference’ Award 2019
  • Best event company at the BEFTA Awards 2011

I’m passionate about so many things, my work, my family, friends, the environment and believe everyone should be able to live their best life. I want to consolidate everything I know and have learned over the years and live mine and I want others I come in contact with to be empowered to live theirs too.

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