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The Cornerstone Project, is focused on supporting black and BAME refugees, with knowledge, advise, housing, education, financial management and government assistance, to assist with their individual integration into British society. The Cornerstone Project, aims to breakdown cultural barriers and social misconceptions about refugees. As refugees historically have been the corner stone of every major industrialised society, bringing culture, creativity, music, entrepreneurship, food, diversity, tolerance and religious freedoms,

The Cornerstone Project, works with community partners to provide financial support for refuges, and resources to establish a trusted support structure, that understands their cultural needs, and the adaptations needed to create independence and financial security. The Cornerstone Project works directly with new migrants, and networks them with already established migrant families, that can share their lived experiences, and every day social interactions and general life lessons.

Our goal is to provide a credible support structure for migrants, that celebrates diversity and aids with economic empowerment, for their families and the wider community. While also creating sustainable integration into British society, in a meaningful way.

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