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Equality, diversity and inclusion consultancy services

Consultancy services provided by Unity In The Community are available in packages suitable for any budget, to ensure your business has the best support along with the right tools and information to make decisions that create the maximum impact within the community.

We help businesses to drive their economic growth alongside benefitting the people in the community, by bringing racial diversity to the front and opening up the conversation to ingrain diversity within the wider business structure.

Our consultancy services are centred around longterm relationships and idea sharing to successfully broadening a company’s agenda on equalities and diversity. We act as a mentor, offering a one-to-one service to help businesses develop their social goals and help to shape a more inclusive culture within the business.

We can help with specific issues which may need tackling, or by providing assistance at a senior level which may not have existed at that company before. This allows you to unlock different opinions and provides a new voice on the wider business strategy in a progressive way, which helps the business to achieve maximum impact through equality and diversity.

Just some of the areas which your business can benefit from our unique consultancy services are recruitment, training opportunities, development and health and well-being.

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