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The UITC, Ray of Light Project, is focused on bridging the gap for black and BAME communities to achieve academic excellence, engaging with gifted and talented black and BAME people to create academic pathways for education success and progression. Working with academic institutions to help plug any gaps, on A level and degree courses that are not diverse, while working with education providers to facilitate scholarships, for naturally gifted and high IQ individuals, from the black and BAME community.

The UITC, Ray of Light Project aims to harness the talent of young people, that are interested in pursuing practical apprenticeships and further education. The Ray Of Light Project, is currently something that has been missing, from black and BAME communities for a long time. UITC aims to deliver academic success and reinvent the way education providers address the lack of diversity, and under representation in general, in specialist qualifications, in the current education system.

Our goal is to empower black and BAME children, teenagers and young adults, with the tools required to navigate academic pathways, in a more supportive and substantial way. While also filling the skills gap, with more diverse talent from the black and BAME community, to inspire and create academic aspiration, for future generations in similar specialist fields.

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