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The UITC Second Chance Project, aims to support individuals in the black and BAME community, who are still experiencing post-traumatic stress from, gangs, addiction, knife crime, poverty, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and rehabilitation back into main stream society, after spending time in prison. The second chance project aims to work with ex-offenders, community leaders, the police and social services to provide an additional support structure, to foster a better understanding between institutions and the community.

We work with ex-offenders, community leaders, to provide hope and opportunities, education, training, housing and employment opportunities, to brake the cycle of poverty, crime and addiction. We aim to be a bastion of hope, in the dark times we face as a community. Working with key partners to deliver funding and tangible results, in hard to reach communities. While forging strategic partnerships that impact people’s lives in the most positive way, to facilitate better outcomes. The Second Chance Project, is an ambitious program that was born out of recognising a need to do things differently, while also recognising the needs of the black and BAME community, and the barriers we all face collectively.

Our goal is to significantly reduce crime, violence and drugs in our communities, by attacking the root causes of the problems, with mutual respect and understanding with young people, potential offenders and ex-offenders. While also addressing the lack of opportunities, resources, poverty and education needs, that create the cycle of crime and addiction.

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