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The UITC Torchbearer Project, is focused on providing a network of mentors to support the black and BAME community, in the world of business, politics, finance, health, and education. The Torchbearer Project, aims to create a network of mentors that are on hand to inspire and share their lived experiences with the black and BAME community, to drive social change and inspiration.

The Torchbearer Project, aims to draw on the talent and professional experiences, of individuals that recognise the issues the black and BAME communities face on a daily basis. With a solutions-based approach, to find real world support, opportunities and knowledge to help participants achieve their wider goals, for themselves and their communities. While building trust and engagement to foster sustainable development for community empowerment.

Our goal is to develop a trusted network of mentors, affiliates and partners, that can help address the lack of visible role models in black and BAME communities. While empowering communities to work in a collaborative way, with a wide spectrum of individuals from all types of backgrounds, to drive social and economic change, for the betterment of every participant.

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