The UITC, Community Business Accelerator Project, is focused on assisting community organisations with achieving their community goals, using a corporate business approach to help facilitate the delivery of their services, and the individual needs of the community.

The UITC Community Business Accelerator Project, work closely with community organisations, to co-create business plans, funding bids, governance, financial coordination, workforce planning and service delivery models, to exceed the needs of community organisations. UITC work as ambassadors for community businesses associated, with the Community Business Accelerator Project. Helping them network and collaborate with sector specific organisations, that will aid them on their individual journeys, while supporting the local community.

The purpose and goal of the Community Business Accelerator Project, is to empower and equipped community organisations, with the best support and infrastructure required to deliver better outcomes for the community. While keeping their individual identity’s, and ensuring their individual community objectives are exceeded, for the betterment of the wider community.

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