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Team Community Welcome

We are a diverse group of people who work in an innovative way, disrupting the industry to create greater equality and change for all.

We encapsulate shared goals such as inclusion, equal treatment and unity for everyone along with promoting the needs of black and BAME communities, while creating opportunities for disadvantaged communities such as the Afro-Caribbean and BAME community. We do this by acting as a bridge between local and national businesses to ensure there is equal representation and voices at higher levels of political and corporate structures within society.

By becoming part of Team Community, you are being welcomed into a new way of working. We believe the most successful way of driving change is to become fully integrated in the businesses we work with, in a style that offers regular support, provides a platform for potentially difficult or awkward conversations and acts as a facilitator to give insights into the equality and diversity agenda. When you’re part of Team Community, you’re part of our family.

Our unique method of working relies on strategic partners and bridging the gap between organisations and the BAME community, all the while celebrating racial diversity. We work collectively with businesses to continually promote, inclusion by providing a community hub for insights, engagement and innovation that allows businesses to tap into the best talent, while placing themselves at the forefront of the equalities, diversity and inclusion agenda.


We use the term “Team Community” because it truly is a team. Our ethos is to develop long-term relationships and provide businesses with the best tools and insights possible to ingrain equality and diversity in their daily business culture, to help achieve their end goals. We provide the link between businesses and community groups, black and BAME professionals and open up the opportunities to learn from each other.

We are for inclusion, social change, economic freedom and opportunity. Any businesses that are involved with Unity in the Community, will be contributing to the wider efforts for societal change and our shared goals. Everyone should have the opportunity to progress, develop and celebrate diversity because if you have a lack of racial diversity in any business, assumptions are made. And until this is addressed businesses – and indeed society – will be unable to see real significant change.

Becoming part of Team Community is becoming one of the driving forces and pillars needed to drive fundamental change, and break the cycle of systemic and institutional racism in the world.

Ensure the diverse views of the black community as a whole are represented at every level

Engagement. Innovation. Cohesion. Insight.
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