UITC Food Aid Project

The UITC Food Aid Project, is focused on assisting the local community with food supplies, from food banks in the local community, working with delivery partners to supply food to the local community. The Food Aid Project, also facilitates the storage of food, and organises the logistics needed to deliver, tinned, raw and pre-cooked meals to local citizens, currently experiencing food poverty.

The UITC Food Aid Project, works closely with already established food delivery partners, and food donations, to ensure we can address the current crisis local communities are facing in these tough times. The Food Aid Project, is heavily reliant on donations from local businesses and volunteers to meet the current demand, local communities are experiencing.

Our goal is to support children, families and vulnerable people, to try and readdress, and rebalance the disproportionate impact of food poverty in local communities. While also providing a trusted network of service delivery partners, to meet the needs of the local community.

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