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Unity for Change – Vaccine Hesitancy Project Overview

With the dire need for vaccine insight, and the hesitancy within the Nottingham BAME community, Unity In The Community have developed a community focused project to aid the local community, here all sides of the conversation, Unity In The Community are coordinating a series webinars session to gain further insight into this complex issue that the Nottingham BAME community are currently facing. The webinar sessions are focused on a solutions-based approach to capture and collate any perceived barriers, mistrusts, and general miss information surrounding the current COVID-19 vaccines, available to the general public and the Nottingham BAME community.

The Unity for Change Vaccine Hesitancy project delves into the root causes of vaccine hesitancy within the Nottingham BAME community, while providing reliable public health information, education and safety awareness, while rebuilding trust within the national health care system, and motivating the Nottingham BAME community to make more informed choices regarding the vaccine.

The Unity for Change Vaccine Hesitancy project provides an open dialogue for Local Nottingham citizens, community leaders and professionals to engage in vibrant conversions, using virtual zoom sessions to share lived experiences, spark debates, while addressing key issues within the BAME community, that are very important to the BAMB diaspora. The Unity for Change Vaccine Hesitancy project will also conduct regular online surveys with the local community to understand the wider problem surrounding the vaccine and explore the tools needed to start building trust with central government and health care system, to build and foster a mutual understanding form every side of the conversation.

The Webinar sessions are themed on the following key areas Insight, Trust, Solutions and lived experiences, The Unity for Change Vaccine Hesitancy project is a ground-breaking project, that aims to reshape the public narrative surrounding vaccine hesitancy within the BAME Community, while driving cultural understanding and community engagement for the betterment of wider society.

Without the much-needed financial support from the National Lottery Community fund, this project may not have been possible, so a special thanks to the community fund for supporting this revolutionary project. The National Lottery Community Fund, legally named the Big Lottery Fund, is a non-departmental public body responsible for distributing funds raised by the National Lottery for “good causes”. Since 2004 it has awarded over £9 billion to more than 130,000 projects in the UK, The National Lottery Community Fund distributes over £600million a year to communities across the UK, raised by players of The National Lottery. For supporting this project, making the community voice heard and celebrating our diversity and shared values, The Unity in The Community Team would like to thank the National Lottery Community Fund!  

Webinar Sessions

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Webinar 1 - 09 June 2021 // INSIGHT

Webinar 2 - 21 July 2021 // TRUST

Webinar 3 - 31 August 2021 // SOLUTIONS

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